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type origin year neck construction headstock zero fret trussrod

Phillipines 60's - ? set violin wave yes yes
 notes: Once in a while older copies from famous guitar (or bass) models (especially from the beat era) appear on the market and in some cases a label inside says 'Angel B. Lumanog', what points to a luthier (or a group of luthiers) from the Phillipines. These copies are said to be cheaply made and they were also known as 'servicemen copies', what illustrates the fact, that they were mainly sold to US forces during their stay abroad, e.G. whilst the Vietnam War.
The Lumanog Violin Bass appears in different versions, even with a brass logo (that never existed from Höfner) or pickup copies with a handmade steel stamped 'Hofner'. Last 3 pictures by kind permission of Eljay Guitarworks, Whittier CA, USA