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typeoriginyearneckconstructionheadstockzero frettrussrod

East-Germany, former GDRlate 60'ssetviolin with long tone slitssymmetrical roundyesno
 notes: The Name Migma stands for Musikinstrumenten-Handwerker-Genossenschaft Markneukirchen. It was not a single factory but a union of Luthiers in and around Marktneukirchen. Manufacturing of guitars was situated here since the 18th century. The town archive of Marktneukirchen knows about 83 luthiers in 1908, 25 years later there were already 190 of them. After WWII Migma was forced to work for the russian army according to the Reparation Agreement and due to the fact that they were not payed, material and quality of the instruments went from bad to worse.