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by Gibson

typeoriginyearneckconstructionheadstockzero frettrussrod
USA / Korea1995-set neckstacked plywoodsymmetricalyesyes
 notes: In several web souces, the Epiphone Viola Bass is said to have been the earlier violin bass, that means: prior to the Hofner 500/1. Well, this is total rubbish since the Viola came in the ninetees as a cheap response to the vintage hype that was caused by Sir Paul McCartney's decision to reactivate his Hofner after years of using the Rick. The Viola is said to be produced by Samick!
People occasionally confuse the facts, because Epiphone's mother company Gibson had a violin shaped bass in the early fifties. Read for further information the introduction to the history of the violin bass. Epiphone had one single bass model in the early sixties (the Newport), even in the mid 70's they had only three basses (catalog picture from 1974) and none of them was the Viola.


typeoriginyearneckconstructionheadstockzero frettrussrod

USA / Korea1998-2001set necksolidbodyGibsonnoyes
 notes:  Copy of the Gibson EB-1 bass. Edges of the early model closer to the Gibson original (pics 2nd row)