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Höfner / Hofner

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typeoriginyearneckconstructionheadstockzero frettrussrod
 notes: First genuine violin bass with a hollow body like a violin! For historical details look here. This is an early model with only one pickup and oval contol plate; tailpiece with 'Karl Höfner'-sign.



typeoriginyearneckconstructionheadstockzero frettrussrod
 notes: Same model as above but with two pickups and appropriate control plate


typeoriginyearneckconstructionheadstockzero frettrussrod
 notes: 'Toaster'-pickup, rectangular contol plate; dark pickguard and control plate, tailpiece hence without the 'Karl Höfner'-sign.



typeoriginyearneckconstructionheadstockzero frettrussrod
 notes: First 'Cavern' model, diamond pickups, this one is a lefty (same as Sir Paul plays) having already single string tuners. This is the first model which should later become famous as 'Beatle Bass'.



typeoriginyearneckconstructionheadstockzero frettrussrod
 notes: Best known model also played by Paul McCartney since 1963, new pickups (type 511) are now on neck and bridge (first pickup type not manufactured at Hofner themselves)



typeoriginyearneckconstructionheadstockzero frettrussrod
 notes: Same model as above with some changes like split back, axis through tuning knobs, and the most significant modifications on the body, refer to comparison below. The changing of the decal-logo to the raised plasic-logo isn't a reliable characteristic, since it differed, not only depending on the 'export-model' question.


Comparison 63 vs 65 model:

Pickup type 511, small frame
4 locking screws sidewise

pickguard has only small
cuts for the pickup frames

long tailpiece and small
 control panel, both
adopted from the cavern
Pickup type 511 large frame
later used for pickup type 513

pickguard needs
larger cuts for these frames

shorter tailpiece

large control panel

typeoriginyearneckconstructionheadstockzero frettrussrod
 notes:  New pickups (type 513), large control panel and short tailpiece adopted from the 65 model, now closed string tuners


typeoriginyearneckconstructionheadstockzero frettrussrod
 notes: Farewell of the 'tea cup'-knobs and cream slides.
New active versions as the 500/1M (sound mix) and the 500/1B (bass boost). These sound-improved models were already in the Höfner program since 1967 mainly for the export. Although perhaps better sounding they hadn't the look customers expected and the sales never reached the figures of the 'Original'.



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