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Useful links

During my research I came across several websites that might be useful for people interested in vintage bass- and guitar stuff. The listing below follows no order, I simply wrote the web address down when I found any useful information - from my point of view. Maybe one ore another hint might be helpful for you. If you find a site that could fit into this collection or if you experience a dead link please drop me a line and I'll check it.

Frets unbelievable collection of luthier knowledge
My Rare Guitars large collection of vintage guitars
Mine Gitarer great collection of vintage guitars
Framus Vintage good source for vintage Framus guitars
Jolana Guitars private site about Jolana guitars
Guitar Catalogs catalog scans of  guitar brands
Electra Guitar Page All about Electra guitars
Junk Guitars collection of  vintage guitars
Vintage Guitars several catalogs of vintage guitars
Jedson Guitars private site about Jedson guitars
Japanese Vintage Guitar Manufacturers history of some vintage japanese guitar manufacturers
Trademarkia Database for trademarks
Musical Instrument Brochures several vintage guitar catalogs, mainly Japanese
Vintage Japanese Manufacturers Japanese Manufacturers of Made In Japan Badged Electric Guitars from 1960 to 1980
Fetish Guitars Italian (and meanwhile also other) vintage guitars
Steve Russel's Vintage Hofner Site all about Höfner guitars and basses
Jedistar nearly all guitar brands that ever existed
Cheesy Guitars vintage instruments made in (eastern) Europe and Soviet Union during the "communist" years
Harmony Guitars Database the non-official resource for all Harmony guitars fans
Teisco Twangers the unofficial home of vintage Teisco guitars
Schlaggitarren lots of german vintage guitars
Lord Bizarre very impressive vintage guitar collection
Danguitarsvintage Silvertone and Danelectro guitars
EgmondCollection and history of dutch Egmond guitars