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Update Log
This pages are online since 2007. In the very beginning I didn't expect any reaction from outside. Meanwhile I learned, that I'm not the only guy in the world who's interested in violin basses. Even if the motion of these pages has slowered regarding the early days, I decided to log the updates beginning from jan 2010 onwards to keep you (and myself) better informed!

03-mar-2021Update Hofner dating page - screw differences on clip tuners
03-nov-2020Santana page added
03-oct-2020Vision page added
30-sep-2020update Coxx Page
19-may-2020update Burns page
02-may-2020Aurora, Davidsson and Hernandez pages added
13-apr-2020Academy and Aztek pages added
19-mar-2020update Sonatone page. - Cleanup of the 'links' page.
16-aug-2019Honey page added
26-jul-2019update Burns page, Mavis page added
10-apr-2019update Rythmline page
18-aug-2018Axiom page added
17-aug-2018update Domino, Firstman and Realistic pages
15-aug-2018extensive update Greco page
11-mar-2018update Audition and Dimavery pages
27-feb-2018update Aria, Fresher and Huettl pages
04-jan-2018Grant page added
27-nov-2017update Firstman and Checkmate pages
28-oct-2017B.C.Rich page added
22-oct-2017update National page
01-oct-2017update Welson page
08-sep-2017migrated old guestbook to new location
31-aug-2017moved the site now completely from to In the beginning was only a redirection link to which will be given up soon.
01-jul-2017Akkord page added
19-jun-2017update Coronet page
02-jun-2017update 'dating Hofner 500/1 models 1960-90'
01-jun-2017update Black Jack page
23-mai-2017Marathon and Quincy pages added; update Vox page
03-mar-2017Mansfield page added
29-jan-2017long time overdue update of 'identify by name' page
18-jan-2017added Naklada Bassora. Thanks to Lordbizarre
13-jan-2017Naklada page added
07-jan-2017Onyx page added, update Maton page
28-dec-2016update ZimGar page
26-dec-2016guitar page:   added Heit, Herold, Firefox, Guyatone 12string, and Teisco models
18-dec-2016Tony Smith and Waldman pages added
15-dec-2016Freeman page added
01-dec-2016Skinder page added
29-nov-2016Update Prestige page, President page added
21-nov-2016Update Raven and Sakai pages
09-oct-2016Orr, Penncrest and Trump pages added
08-oct-2016Classic and Leonardo pages added
28-sep-2016Oriolo and Giannini pages added
31-jul-2016Update Maton page - Kenell, Cherrystone and Groovin pages added
01-feb-2016 Update Hüttl page
06-dec-2015 Update Orfeus page
05-dec-2015 Ritter page added
17-oct-2015 Update Kawai page
15-oct-2015 Imperial page added
01-oct-2015 Update Lumanog page
25-sep-2015 Virtuoso page added. Thanks to Daniel Dachel, Laporte CO/USA
31-aug-2015 Update Jason-Lyrebird. Thanks for this find to Brian N. from Ravenshoe, Queensland/Australia
03-jul-2015 Vintage page added
16-apr-2015 Pyramid page added. Thanks to Richard B. from Toronto/Canada
14-apr-2015 Update Unknown models
28-dec-2014 Ayar and Effin page added.
25-dec-2014 Solo page added. Thanks to Francesco Sadurny, Rome/Italy
15-jun-2014 Update Crest and Ideal pages
05-aug-2013 Wilkat page added to the solidbodies. Update Cort page...thanks to Bill Wilkat, Quebec/Canada for the picturres and the nice contact
10-apr-2013 ZenOn page added.
26-mar-2013 Benford page added, thanks to Lars M.- Sweden and Benford Guitars, Wisconsin, USA
25-mar-2013 Davidsson page added, thanks to Lars M. and Davidsson Guitars, both from Sweden
21-mar-2013 update Teisco and Teisco Del Rey pages - thanks to
06-mar-2013 update Guyatone page
29-jan-2013 Canora page added
10-dec-2012 Bellwood and Gallan pages added. Many thanks to Raul L. from Venezuela!
16-nov-2012 update 'unknown'-Section - #5 identified as an already listed Orfeus bass- thanks to Ivan S. aka lordbizarre
29-oct-2012 update Otwin page; many thanks for the now much better pictures to Günter K., Aachen - Germany
24-oct-2012 bug on Todt guitar fixed; Pyramid guitar added - thanks to Richard M., Montreal - Canada
14-aug-2012 S.D.Curlee page added
18-apr-2012 KUC and Snake pages added
14-apr-2012 USSR-basses Krunk, Lunacharsky and Odessa added. Thanks a lot for info and pics to !
12-apr-2012 update 'unknown' section and guitar page
28-mar-2012 update Regent page
10-mar-2012 thumb index on gallery page established
03-mar-2012 links page established
05-feb-2012 update Welson page
26-jan-2012 Muraro page added
24-jan-2012 update Gession page - thanks to Kostja Z., Moscow - Russia
22-dec-2011 update Electra page
20-dec-2011 Jason page added
18-dec-2011 update 'dating your old Hofner'-page
16-dec-2011 update Kawai page
13-dec-2011 Coronet and Marlin pages added
27-nov-2011 update 'unknown' section - changed unknown item #4 - pictures courtesy of  John D. , USA - Ca.
10-nov-2011 update Douglas and Eko pages
09-oct-2011 Yairi and Rivertone pages added
03-aug-2011 update Crestwood and Electra pages
01-jun-2011 update Mannix page
12-may-2011 update curios section
05-may-2011 Burns page added
28-apr-2011 mistake on Bakers page fixed - thanks to Thomas B. Germany!
26-apr-2011 update Castley page
16-apr-2011 the guest book has been opened
01-mar-2011 mistake on Huettl page fixed - thanks to Lars M. Sweden!
28-feb-2011 update Aria, Aria Diamond, Univox pages
28-jan-2011 update Maxitone page
23-jan-2011 Castley page added
22-jan-2011 update Bakers page
21-jan-2011 update Sorrento page
30-nov-2010 update Prestige page, debug on Kawai/TeleStar pages * thanks to Andrés N. A. Chile!
23-nov-2010 update Conqueror page
30-oct-2010 McCartney, Monroe, Parksons, Redwood, Sakai, Stagg pages added
29-oct-2010 GT and HK pages added
25-oct-2010 Fandel page added
20-oct-2010 update guitar section: Baton Rouge, Cameo, Reythmline (no erratum), Sovereign,  some unidentified guitars
19-oct-2010 sitemap and menu bars on subpages added
17-oct-2010 update Guyatone page
10-oct-2010 update 'unknown' section and Ariston page added as a result of an identification 
09-oct-2010 Aston and Fumero pages added
25-sep-2010 update Conrad and PerlGold pages
24-sep-2010 Stellfner page added
15-aug-2010 Rythmline page added
01-aug-2010 update Silvertone page
24-jun-2010 Irvine page added
08-jun-2010 set up new page 'dating Hofner 500/1 models 1960-75'
05-apr-2010 update Crest page
02-apr-2010 update Stewart page * thanks to Roger J., Belgium!
21-mar-2010 LeCompte page added * thanks to Kenny A., USA - Memphis TN!
15-mar-2010 update Winston page
23-feb-2010 construction pages amended
22-feb-2010 Bassman page added
17-feb-2010 update Egmond and Lion pages
03-feb-2010 update MD solid body
02-feb-2010 mistake fixed on Johnson page * thanks to Yves C., France!
31-jan-2010 update unidentified basses
31-jan-2010 update Fresher page
17-jan-2010 update Demian page
01-jan-2010 update log established