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typeoriginyearneckconstructionheadstockzero frettrussrod
EB-1 (Ver.1)
USA1953-58setsolid mahogany woodGibsonnoyes
 notes: First violin shaped bass guitar worldwide. For historical details look here. Single coil pickup, fixed bridge, painted f-hole(s). Some late versions have an adjustable bridge. Unfortunately many EB-1 have been modified with a second pickup (or even a third one) and altered electronics. The EB-1 was delivered with a stand, attachable instead of the lower belt pin to use the instrument upright. Legal copy by Epiphone in the 90's.



typeoriginyearneckconstructionheadstockzero frettrussrod
EB-1 (Ver.2)
USA1969-72setsolid mahogany woodGibsonnoyes
 notes: New series with humbucking pickup, closed precision tuners and adjustable bridge with cover. The painted f-holes are abandoned.



70's model versus first 50's model

The most common copies of the Gibson EB 1 (most of them hollow bodies):