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by Egmond

typeoriginyearneckconstructionheadstockzero frettrussrod

Netherlandslate 60'ssetviolin with f-holesforeheadyesyes
 notes: The Lion Foreign brand was used by Egmond for lower end instruments mostly copying more famous brands. This one is inspired by the Eko headstock, even faking the stylized 'E'. As an interesting feature it had a bushing for a separate pole, similar to the famous Gibson EB-1 or its successor from Epiphone provided as stand for upright use.
An even cheaper version of the lion drew the curtain over its connection to Egmond by leaving out the forehead and the E-punched tailpiece, see Pictures at the very bottom.



The 'simple' version of the Lion, abandoning forehead and E-punched tailpiece: